About Us

Welcome to Behavior Resources!

Established in 1987, we have provided training and employment for hundreds of adults with developmental and intellectual challenges. In addition to living with developmental challenges, our persons served also have behavioral issues. Our thoroughly trained staff work with them to create more productive, meaningful lives. If this rewarding work appeals to you, read further!

Our program design consists of incorporating Individual Service Plans for each person served. We have a money management component that consists of goals such as learning how to count coins and bills and learning to budget their money for larger purchases. We also include self-care and mobility and safety training, as well as communication goals such as learning to greet their peers or using proper etiquette when communicating needs.

Each person served has many opportunities to engage in activities throughout the day. Some activities are social in nature, while others involve thinking and problem-solving. 

The work component is most important, as it teaches many skills and life lessons. Developing good work habits, our persons served learn to work together as a team, while building self-confidence. Additionally, they earn a paycheck for their effort and become responsible and more self-reliant.