Employment Opportunities


Program Specialist/Interventionist Job Description:

1. Assist developmentally challenged persons (persons served) in achieving vocational/educational/ social goals.
2. Perform daily tasks alongside persons served, modeling job skills and appropriate social behaviors.
3. Provide assistance in accessing community resources (making purchases, check cashing, safety awareness, community participation).
4. Follow up on implementation of Individual Service Plans.
5. Carry out all training and behavior modification programs and data collection procedures as prescribed. Keep all documentation current on a daily basis.
6. Contribute to Annual and Semi-Annual reports and Behavior Plans as needed.
7. Act as liaison between community worksites/organizations and program administration.
8. Act as liaison between care providers and program administration.
9. Coordinate on a regular basis with other staff, Supervisors, Behavior Specialist, Operations Director, and Program Director.
10. Maintain accounts for persons served (if applicable).
11. Maintain a POSITIVE attitude. This is imperative to the success of the program.
12. Ensure that persons served present as normal a profile to the community as possible.
13. Act as advocate to ensure the safety and well-being of all persons served.
14. Maintain a safe and dependable vehicle.
15. All staff must be certified in CPR and First-Aid. (Behavior Resources will reimburse the cost of the course as outlined in the Policies and Procedures).

16. All staff must be Pro-ACT trained (training provided on-site).
17. Other duties as assigned.