Recycling Project

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Our recycling project has been an integral part of our mission since its inception in 1987. We recycle white paper and cans & bottles. Visiting your worksite on a scheduled or on-call basis, we pick up your recyclables with our rollaway containers. Our persons served (adults with developmental challenges) are supervised by job coaches, who guide them while they do their job.

Once we collect your recyclables, we take them to the recycling center, where they are weighed. Upon collection of the money, it is turned in and distributed to each person served in the form of a paycheck.

Our goal is to help each person served reach their potential. Earning a paycheck gives them the independence to make desired purchases. We teach them money management; how to count and save money for larger purchases, as well as how to make purchases.

Over the course of our recycling project, we have recycled several tons of paper and cans and bottles and continue to contribute to conserving the earth's resources.

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Join us in our recycling project and contributing to the lives of adults with developmental challenges.